What is Greenway Farm Hall?

Greenway Farm has been owned by a local family since 1971, and the barns were used for livestock up until 2008. The family farm was originally used for the breeding of the ‘Ruphpa’ pedigree Suffolk sheep herd, along with a mix of arable.
These days are a bit of a different story. The owners of the farm got to the age where dealing with livestock became an increasingly difficult task and the farm was then converted completely to arable.

However, the last thing we wanted to do is have parts of the farm sitting and doing nothing! We have some beautiful farm buildings, which for the last few years have been sitting and doing nothing, and it occurred to us that this space might be useful for all manner of clubs, organisations and events – Greenway Farm Hall was born! The repurposing of the barn has purely been to allow it to be used, and to bring some life back into an area of the farm that has fallen into disuse.
We hope that you will enjoy using the hall.