Once we started down this road, there was no turning back! The barn has been used for nothing but storage since the removal of any livestock about 10 years ago, and an important part of this project is to get some life in the farm again, and stop its slow slide into ‘disused old barn’ status.

In 2015, I ran a Krav Maga summer course here – it was very basic in terms of accommodation and services as we had just cleaned one of the barns, and power washed the floor. We put some mats out, and that was us! It was a great four days, which was really enjoyed by everyone and this year I wanted to make it a better event, with a slightly less rough and ready approach!

Putting the project together took quite some time, as we had to look at sewerage, showers and cleaning up a space well enough to accommodate lots of people. Going back to basics we realised that the roof on the barn was going to have to be replaced. It was leaking in places and was not really going to hold in any heat.

So our first thought was to build a ‘barn within a barn’ – essentially a waterproof and insulated ceiling…